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Investment grade ESG data, made simple

Our corporate sustainability platform supercharges your sustainability team with the necessary infrastructure to improve and digitize sustainability data collection.

Caesar enables you to create more efficient workflows by equipping you with the tools to produce timely and defensible ESG data, while delivering the insights needed to inform your sustainability strategy.

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Sustainability Performance is Necessary

Society and market factors have come together to demand more from businesses in order for them to uphold their reputation and earn their license to operate.

We make it easy for you to meet those demands by driving increased transparency and connectivity between corporate sustainability stakeholders.

Collect Data

Collect and store all of your sustainability metrics and data points on one platform, eliminating the manual burden of reconciling and verifying data through excel files, PDFs and email excahnges

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Digital Infrastructure

Institutional knowledge is integrated within the platform, as your company is guided through the various stages of collecting sustainability related data.

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Workflow management

Centralized internal processes that store data in a secure, shared location  

We've created a systematic approach to collecting and storing sustainability data that enables your team to assign, confirm, collect and review information in an organized manner.

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track performance

More accurately track and manage sustainability performance

Receive real time metric progress updates, including your company's current progress towards completing various third-party questionnaires, assessments, and requests for information.

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sustainability reporting is Not easy
Sustainability data collection is a complex exercise, spanning across the entire organization

We provide simplistic workflows to reduce those complexities

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Easy to use

We designed our solution with you in mind

We interviewed and studied sustainability managers from leading sustainability companies, and designed a solution to equip them to manage their most complex challenges.

Our Mission

Improving sustainability disclosure capabilities

Sustainability and ESG reporting practices have historically been underserved and under appreciated. In today's climate, we're bringing tools and resources to help make business a more reliant contributing member of society.

Connor Cash
founder of Caesar

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