Centralized ESG Data, Made Simple

Caesar provides the necessary infrastructure for robust corporate ESG data collection processes.

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Streamlined ESG Reporting

Caesar offers a comprehensive ESG data collection and management platform to centralize the workflows and data storage for ESG reporting.
Data Collection

Digital Infrastructure for Data Collection

Institutional knowledge is integrated within the platform, as your company is guided through the stages of ESG data collection

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Workflow management

Centralized internal processes that store data in a secure, shared location  

We've created a systematic approach to collecting and storing sustainability data that enables your team to assign, confirm, collect and review information in an organized manner.

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track performance

More accurately track and manage sustainability performance

Receive real time metric progress updates, including your company's current progress towards completing various third-party questionnaires, assessments, and requests for information.

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Collect data faster, with certainty

Caesar's workflows and database infrastructure make it simpler to collect ESG data quicker, and audit the data along the way.

Start simplifying your ESG data processes today

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reporting is complex
ESG data collection is a complex exercise, spanning across the entire organization

Caesar provides simple workflows to reduce those complexities
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