Caesar helps your organization collect and manage Sustainability data

Caesar is committed to reducing the inefficiencies in the sustainability data ecosystem by designing a solution to revolutionize out-dated workflows.


Digitize the sustainability data collection workflows to reduce duplicative manual inputs


Securely store your company's sustainability data to enable access across key stakeholders


Seamlessly update, store, and track your sustainability data in one location

Simple & Powerful

We provide the necessary infrastructure for ESG data collection


Simplified Workflows

We conducted interviews across dozens of leading corporate sustainability teams, which led to the creation of our proprietary workflow infrastructure that allows you to track collection of your sustainability data seamlessly.

Flexible to Your Needs

Custom designed for each company. You tell us what your sustainability framework needs are, and we can be dynamic and create the environment tailored to your unique demands.

Faster Collection Time

We take what used to be a manual and cumbersome data collection process and provide the necessary tools and automation to speed up your ability to collect sustainability data across your organization.

Real Time Analysis

Our simplified platform provides you with the data analytics capabilities to better understand both your progression to completing your sustainability data collection, and your performance within those metrics.
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